Majino Perez


I adopted one of your puppies almost 2 years ago. Her name was Bella originally, but I changed her name to Toron as we live on Toronto. I wrote you a few years back to see if I could get her papers - don't worry - I have them now!



She is the perfect temperment. When I am ready for a second puppy I will be certainly making the trip to GA (if you are still breeding). 
I have attached some photos for you to view. If you are ever up this way - I'd love to meet you. I get compliments from every single person that meets this dog - its quite incredible. 
I should mention, shes quite a traveler. We've been to California, Mexico and South America. She loves the beach.



This past summer our family made the decision to find a bernese mt pup. We knew we wanted a small bernese mt. I called James and spent at least 45 minutes on the phone with him and felt very confident in my decision to put down the deposit. The puppy was shipped to me next day. We love our puppy Thanks.



Nosy turned 1yr. old today. This has been such a great year for us. There have been anxious, learning moments but who does not have them with a toddler, especially an energetic bernese!
We will be forever grateful that you chose us to adopt one of your puppies. Nosy fills our hearts and home with love and kisses, laughter and adventure every day. From his turning the radio on every morning to say ' time to get up', to his kisses good night we are kept young each day. He has a such a hunters nose and curiosity that nothing gets hidden from him.
We never hesitate to let people know about you.

Xavi Alexi


I have been quite happy with the baby boy I adopted from you back in 2015. I am pleased to tell you that he is still with me and doing fairly well as a senior. I don't know how many parents send you their feedback but I just wanted you to know how special he has been to me and my family for the past. Thanks

Lusy Moore


We are Bernese people. No other dog will do! When we were lost and searching for a new puppy, James was more than willing to help us on a year long journey.
He went out of his way to give us tours, answer questions and concerns. The standards of the kennel are the best we saw. James is a Breeder who cares for his dogs and puppies. Even after bringing our puppy home he still keeps in touch and is there any time to answer any questions.

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